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  • Electrical maintenance & testing

Planned Maintenance

KGW Electrical is committed to the effective management and safety of all electrical equipment or appliances that we install. Through a structured programme of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) we can ensure that your critical electrical equipment or installations are safe, fully compliant and adhere to the latest regulations.

Our highly skilled and experienced electricians and engineers can fulfil your proactive PPM requirements, through a contract or on a day rate. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Motor insulation resistance checks using 500v or 1000v Tests.
  • Visual inspections and checks for deterioration of electrical equipment.
  • Earth Bonding inspection and checks.
  • Equipment functionality checks.
  • Electrical Panel inspections and activities (e.g. termination tightening, wiring inspections).
  • General equipment cleaning.
  • Thermal imaging checks.
  • Harness inspections.

Safety System Checks

Safety systems in the workplace are there to protect your plant and employees, but by law you must be routinely testing the operation of these systems to ensure they will function correctly if ever they are needed.

Our team of fully qualified and highly skilled electrical engineers are available to work with you to:

  • Assess your safety system testing needs, including the required frequency of testing/inspections.
  • Set up a testing procedure and produce a test document which will be followed and signed off by our engineers.
  • Test your Estops, light circuits, limits switches, guard switches, ventilation systems, fire alarm shutdown functions, gas detection systems, shunts and more.
  • Issue a certificate of completion, along with the signed off test schedule, for any audits or inspections you may have to face.

We can continue to provide you with this service on a contract basis, so you can be rest assured that your systems are getting the regular testing and inspection that is vital for their safe operation.

Electrical Breakdown Support

KGW Electrical provides our customers with full electrical breakdown support for any equipment we have supplied, and in many cases, we can also support equipment supplied by other providers.

Our skilled engineers use their vast experience to quickly diagnose any fault and provide cost effective solutions to get the electrical systems back functioning at full operational capacity.